What is the green card lottery?

General Information about the DV lottery

The U.S.A green card lottery also referred to as the Diversity Immigrant Visa is a program which was essentially created after being passed in the United States Congress through the Immigration Act 1990 to allow immigrants who are selected through this program to acquire a Permanent Resident Card to the U.S. The name green card emerges from the fact that the color of the card is usually green, however, the main aim of this card is to ensure that it diversifies the immigrant populations which exist in the U.S. Basically, how this process of fair selection is achieved is through a random selection of all participating applicants ensuring that no single country receives an over 7 percent of all the green card visas issued. Most importantly, the permanent resident visas are only awarded to those countries which have a relatively low immigration rates to the United States. This means that for eligibility or to qualify to this program there are various steps and requirements that every applicant must meet to be able to be considered. Here are just few of the most application considerations that one must satisfy before qualifying for the permanent resident visa:

• Winning the green card lottery does not necessarily guarantee you that you will be awarded the immigrant visa into United States of America. However, every applicant must pass through the pre-requisite eligibility requirements that have been set by the law so as to qualify. Furthermore, all applicants are usually interviewed before the distribution of the green cards.

• You must be from a country which is allowed to participate in the process. This are countries whose immigration rate level has not exceeded the limit has set by the U.S government. It’s important to note that countries that applicants are allowed to participate changes periodically thus it’s important to stay updated. • Since the year 2008, there have been several amendments to the options and answers on the application forms. Through Electronic Diversity Visa (E-DV) entry form, applicants may be required to indicate there highest level of education as well as the countries in which they live currently.

The Green Card Lottery or the Diversity Immigrant Visa (DV) Program as it is officially known admits around 50,000 green card immigrant visas annually. The whole program and the processes of allocating the permanent resident visas are overseen by United States Department of State (DOS), which is mandated to regulate the process. Conclusively, the green card lottery enables the non U.S citizens to be able to obtain permanent resident visas in an immigrant capacity, thus helping a multitude of individuals who have dreams of studying or working in United States of America to be able to realize their dreams while ensuring that equal opportunities are guaranteed.