How to apply for a green card

What to do in order to participate in the DV lottery

The United States of America Department of State outlines a well detailed procedure for applying to the green card lottery. Applying for this green card basically requires that you meet some of the crucial requirements outlined in the U.S laws regarding the immigration act. However, the process is not so much complicated as it is done online. First of all, you will need to fill DS-5501 form; which is an Electronic Diversity Visa (E-DV) Entry form which is the only form which is required for those applicants out of the United States. The form is only available during the open registration of green card lottery and that’s when you can apply online. In the application, you will need to fill all the given fields completely, failure to which you may automatically be disqualified. Some of the required fields include, the applicants full names, date of birth, gender, the city where you were born, the eligibility country which must be approved for the DV program, and a copy of a recent digital photo of yourself, your children below the years of 21 and who are not married and finally your spouse. In addition, you will be required to fill in your contacts as well as the highest level of education that you have attained. Both your spouse and children below the age of 21 years of age will have their own categories where your will be required to fill out the information as stipulated in the form DS-5501. However, in some circumstances a few applicants may win the green card lottery at the time when they are residing in the United States in a non-immigrant capacity or for legal reasons. For these applicants, if they want to still obtain their permanent resident visas they will need to fill out an adjustment application form I-485 or else they may be disqualified during the interview stage of the process. Following these gradual and crucial steps strictly guarantees easy qualification for the green lottery application. Any applicant is required to fill out all the information with the integrity that it deserves without leaving any field blank, this is because any small error in the application will be rejected automatically. To avoid any unnecessary disqualification which emerge due to poor filling or entry of information there are several trusted organization which provide directions and even consultancy service to enable you fill the forms accurately. You can always get in touch with this green card lottery service providers to enable you fill the application correctly as well as submit within the deadline. After submitting the green card lottery application forms, a screen pop up which contains a confirmation number and your name comes up on your computer, this is an assurance that your form has been submitted successfully. For safety reasons you may be required to print it, so that you can store it, because you may need it during status checking the following year when the lottery results are out. Therefore, applying for the green card lottery is simple as long as accurate information is entered and all the field appearing on E-DV entry form are well filled to avoid any errors which may deny you the chance to qualify for the permanent resident visa.