This is the organization that is involved in the registration process for the individuals who need to become US permanent citizens, work or study there by assisting them to acquire the green cards or visa. Its main work is to educate and inform the Green Card applicants on what is needed so as to qualify and get the US visa. Winning in the green card lottery requires correct filling of the online forms that are available online at the website. The clients are directed to fill the required fields once they have started filling the forms upon checking for their eligibility. Among the 50,000 target for the green card provision, a big number of the applicants fail to meet the requirements for getting the US visa card. Hence, professional teams inform the clients to correctly fill the required fields so as to increase their chances of winning in the Green Card lottery. This organization also encourages the beginners to review the details before submitting them since a single mistake leads to an automatic disqualification in the Green Card Lottery. Upon the submission of the online- filled forms, a computer based selection method is applied to come out with the eligible people who qualify to get the US visas. The computer system is meant to avoid any form of biasness in the selection process. Thus, this organization campaigns for correct detail filling so as to increase the chances of being considered or selected during the computer selection system. The successful applicants are shortlisted in the official websites which run green card registration processes together with personal notifications via the personal emails. Checking for your eligibility is free and this helps to eliminate the doubts and chances of registering without knowing your eligibility for the green card registration and winning. Green card winners are provided with free airline tickets to the United States. America Green Card attends to all the questions that you may have before moving a step further to register you for the Green card lottery. This organization translates the results into 12 languages so as to fully guide the interested parties on their questions accordingly. The whole process of registering for the green card is conducted by a number of specialists which make the process simple and safe. These companies run the registration processes within the stipulated time by the government.