US Green Card Office is a non-governmental agency that helps individuals to acquire the US Visa with minimal difficulties. Having done and coordinated visa related activities for quite a while, the agency has a good reputation when it comes to service delivery to the clients. Since it is a private agency, few legalities procedures are required to fill the registration forms that are available at each year. Being independent makes the Green Card Lottery process an open and a clear one that does not entertain any form of fraud. The online forms require that every detail that is provided by the applicants is correct so as to minimize the chances of not being among the lucky lottery winners. Hence, previous lottery winners take time to advise other interested person who want to become USA citizens to be truthful with every detail they provide. The agency experts help the interested persons to fill the details once they visit their website by giving guidance throughout all the registration steps. Any errors involved leads to automatic disqualification upon sending of the online forms with the errors. Thus, the office recommends the interested person to fill the forms with great care. The winners are notified using their personal emails that are provided during the registration process steps. The names of the beneficiaries are posted in the US Green Card Office website as well to make the whole process clear. Upon winning the Green Card, a person becomes a resident of the USA which enables them to work study and live in the United States comfortably. This only happens after applying for the US citizenship. The US Green Card Office organization never charges the application of the Green Card Lottery to the interested persons from all over the world. However, the company charges a service fee of €77 due to the high level of expertise of staff team which deals with the Green Card Lottery activities. The amount is meant to take care of each individual activity concerning their interest of joining the US such as wrong photo that may make one to be disqualified in the Green Card Lottery. This is the main advantage of applying for a Green Card through this organization. US Green Card Office ensures that no errors go unseen without being detected and the applicant advised to update his/her details. The company also website has a logging tab where the individuals who have applied for the Green Card can view their information or any information that may be emerging from the US Green Card Office organization. The email used to apply for the Green Card is needed to log in into the personal account together with the password. Such information includes updating of the errors in the online application form that had been filled initially. This organization keeps the applicant updated each every time.
Upto 2 Years